Workshop Details

7-Day All Breed Dog Training Workshop 

This is where it starts! This workshop will help you get the most out of anything you want to do with your dog. From beginner to professional, learn how to earn true mutual respect with the most difficult of dogs. Agility, dock diving, obedience, rally, barn hunt, fieldwork, conformation or creating the ultimate companion starts here. 

This workshop is designed to help us identify both obvious and subtle areas in your training and handling skills; together we will make them your strongest areas. Many will spend years and fortunes on entries, travel, and training without the desired results. 

Traditional training techniques will not work on well bred, primitive instinctive show and performance dogs. Strong working lines are bred to perform a job, many times independent of humans. These are not simple companion dogs.  We must be taught how to use their instincts to our advantage to become a working team.

Learn how to establish a bond, solve the simplest to the most complex problems and learn how to communicate with the most stubborn headstrong dogs. Eric can mentor you and together create a team with a willingness to work for you in all areas and at any level of experience. 

Stop duplicating what you see others doing it does not work! The testimonials tab on the www.K9-World.comwebsite is filled with great accomplishments from beginners to pro’s. Many have stated that prior to these workshops nobody could fix the problems they had with events with their dog. Watch the videos on the Official Eric Salas Training Channel on YouTube.

What you will learn! 

  • Learn why the best dogs may be the hardest to train. 
  • Learn how to develop a training program that works. 
  • Eliminate pulling on the lead. 
  • Eliminate crabbing and pacing. 
  • Eliminate bait surfing. 
  • Eliminate lagging and or stopping. 
  • Eliminate dogs backing away from judges. 
  • Build confidence in you and your dog.
  • Eliminating performance event burnout. 
  • Fixing problems before they happen and not at an event or show. 
  • Develop intense focus and desire. 
  • Learn how to train and make it fun with any dog! 

Sample schedule for the 7-day All Breed Workshop 

This is a sample schedule; each workshop is tailored for the specific participants.

Day 1 - 

Part One All-Breed Handling Workshop

Overcoming Problems

Establishing Leadership

Establishing Communication

Building Confidence Confidence

Day 2 

Part Two All-Breed Handling Workshop

Gaiting Dogs

Stacking Dogs

Presenting Dogs

Balance and Structure

Day 3 – 

Before Training Starts

Preparation for Dog Shows

Entering the Ring/Head Straight


Homework Assignments

Day 4 – 

Discuss Homework Assignment

Setting up FitPaws Equipment

Muscle Tone

Breed Standards

Stacking Dogs

The Exam



Day 5 – 

Discuss Homework Assignment

Introduction Rules of Five

Training for Winners Photos



Day 6 – 

Discuss Homework Assignment

5 Week Training Program

Gaiting Your Dog

You Be the Judge


Day 7 – 

Discuss Homework Assignment

Fine Tuning Show Dogs

Expression and Timing

Dissecting Skills




2-Day All Breed Dog Training Workshop

This workshop teaches you how to train your dogs to be presented perfectly so the judges can clearly see what they need to select your dogs. 

Learn how to take handling to an entirely new level. Train like a pro, fine tune every aspect to compete against the best of the best. 

This workshop will teach you how to master confidence in you and your dog. You will learn by day 2 what takes many other trainers years in the art of presenting dogs. You will see micro details of how to perfect your presentation skills. 

If you are new or a pro, you will walk away with more tricks in your bag for making your dog look better by training in a way that they want to do what you want them to do without question. Your competition could never imagine that these training techniques were even possible. Your dogs evolve as you learn. This workshop will teach you to stay one step ahead, and rise above your competitions skill levels. 

Learn how to present your dogs in a way that makes the judges job easier to find your dog. Learn the skills to communicate and motivate your dog to show in the ring with that “it” factor. Build a solid working foundation in this workshop, regardless of your skill level. Learn how to consistently win at all shows and eliminate problems in and out of the ring. 


What you will learn! 

  • Master the five steps to winning at a dog show. 
  • Learn how to take the most difficult dog and show it 
  • Master the art of communicating with your dog. 
  • Fine tune stacking and gaiting techniques. 
  • Eliminate dog show burnout and develop a true show dog. 
  • Learn how to use photography and video to fine tune. 
  • Learn Stacking on headstrong dogs (Head Straight). 
  • Fine-tune top lines, body core, reach and drive. 
  • Eliminate “ring wise” Break the habit of dogs looking like robots 
  • Eliminate nerves, confusion and truly enjoy showing 
  • Learn how to develop a 5-week training program on training any dog 
  • How to develop a lifelong relationship with Eric Salas as your mentor. 
  • The art of presentation vs. standing in the ring with a dog 
  • How to choose the best equipment and not waste money
  • Getting the most out of your dog 
  • Training perfect stacks 
  • Fine-tuning the gait 


NoteDay 1 All Breed Training workshop is required for Day 2. There is no time to teach the very important skills learned from Day 1. 

Sample schedule for the 2-day All Breed Workshop 

This is a sample schedule; each workshop is tailored for the specific participants.

Day 1 - 

Part One All-Breed Handling Workshop

Overcoming Problems

Establishing Leadership

Establishing Communication

Building Confidence Confidence

Day 2 

Part Two All-Breed Handling Workshop

Gaiting Dogs

Stacking Dogs

Presenting Dogs

Balance and Structure

Eric Salas MasterClass


This workshop will teach you how to function at a level that matches even the best of professional handlers and trainers.  It will open your eyes to concepts you never knew existed and teach you how to expand your knowledge base.  Learning in this group is deep, zealous, and perpetual.  When you join the MasterClass, you join a family for life.  You will have a lifetime membership in the MasterClass online WhatsApp group contingent on positive participation and respect of all within the group. 

Once you have completed a 7-day workshop and have been approved to join a MasterClass, you will be ready to take the journey to fine tune your communication with your dog and make tremendous advances in any and all dog sports.  You do not need to have exemplary skills to begin in the Masterclass but you do need heart.  In each MasterClass there will be learning and growth beyond your wildest expectations.  Each MasterClass is limited to a maximum of 15 participants and the learning is finely tailored to not only the group but to each individual’s needs.  

You will leave the MasterClass having gained a new perspective on your dog, a new knowlege base and set of learning skills, and a new family to continue on with your journey in dog sports.  


NoteCompletion of a 7-day workshop and approval is required to enroll in a MasterClass.

Sample schedule for the MasterClass 

This is a sample schedule; each workshop is tailored for the specific participants.

Day 1 – 

Mindset and Expectations

Getting Out of Your Head

What Makes You and Your Dog Better 

Building Confidence

Breed Standards

Learning How to Have Fun with Your Dog 

Day 2 – 

Communication, Form, and Function 

Fine Tuning Show Dogs

Conditioning Dogs

Balance & Structure

Preparing for Winners Photos 


Day 3 – 


Conditioning Skin and Coat 

Nutrition and Supplements 


Training Schedule

High Speed Photography & Video – Side Gait/Down & Back 


Day 4 


Presenting to the Breed Standard 

How To Show Your Dog to The Judge 

Fine Tuning 

Targeting Identified Problems

High Speed Photography & Video – Side Gait/Down & Back


Upon receiving your confirmation email for the workshop, you must email and provide your nameemailphone numberand breed of dog you plan on bringing to the workshop.  You will then be registered for the workshop!



You must arrive between 8:00-8:30AM on the first day of class for registration!  You will need to fill out paperwork, crate your dog, and get a seat in the classroom upon arrival on the first day. 

Classes begin at 9:00AM promptly and will generally run until 4:30-5:00PM.  There is a lunch break each day around noon, and two 30-minute breaks during the day. Classes will start on time with or without you, just like a ring time.


After day one, the building will open and be available for you at 8:00AM. This time can be used for practice and questions before the class starts. You can also use the 30 min breaks and lunch for practice. The skills you and your dog will learn will be from simple to complex so it will be advantageous for you to practice as much as possible.


Please bring drinks/water and snacks for both you and your dog.  There may not be time to go out for lunch during the lunch break. Pretend you are at a dog show with no snack bar. Some facilities have restaurants close by but be prepared for at least day 1. 



Northwest Naturals is Eric’s top choice for training treats, and they will be providing all the training treats for the dogs during the workshop.  While they are provided to you free of charge, they will not be for sale at the workshop.  You can visit the Northwest Naturals website to find a retailer near you.


You will have homework before the workshop begins and some nights of the workshop. You will learn more about your breed, functions of their parts and important information to help you present your breed to the judges. This will create more confidence, help create the “it” factor, and you will never again have to ask, “What do you think about my dog?”.



Eric Salas has learned that success is greater by being a part of a supportive community.  One of the ways we accomplish this is to utilize a group chat in WhatsApp.  This is a place where you receive information, continue discussions, collaborate on research, ask questions, share accomplishments, and support each other. Your workshop includes FREE on-line follow-up instruction with Eric Salas for 1 month with 2-day workshops, 6 months for 7-day workshops and lifetime with MasterClass workshops. This is contingent on positive participation and respect of all within the group. Information for WhatsApp -


To get you started with your WhatsApp Group, you need to sign up for WhatsApp, then email - provide your name and WhatsApp phone number.  You will then be added to your workshop’s group and receive a notification in WhatsApp to join the group.  When you log into the group for the first time, please provide a short introduction.  


If you have any questions before, during, or after the workshop, the WhatsApp group is the first and best place to reach out to have your questions answered.  


If you need an alternative contact, you can email or text/call to 360-593-1200. 



-  Installing WhatsApp

o  Install the app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone).

o  Launch the app and approve the requested permissions.

o  Enter your phone number and tap Confirm.  

o  Enter the verification code received via SMS (WhatsApp may do this automatically).

o  Import existing contacts into the app (optional).


-  How to set up your WhatsApp profile:

o  Tap the three dogs in the top-right corner of the app and tap Settings.

o  Tap your name at the top of the screen

o  To change your name, tap the pencil icon next to the name. 

o  To change your picture, tap the camera icon and select a photo (optional).

o  Enter or adjust your bio by tapping the pencil icon next to About. 


-  How to start a chat (you don’t have to do this to join the group)

o  Tap the compose button (it looks like a sheet of paper with a pencil).  

o  Select the contact you want to chat with from the list.  If you don’t import your contact list from your phone you will need to add a new contact first.  If you have a previous chat with a contact, it will open that instead of a brand-new chat. 


-  How to type messages in a chat

o  Type your message at the bottom of the screen. 

o  After entering your text, tap the arrow icon that appears alongside the text box to send the message.

o  You can also send pictures, videos, or files by tapping the paperclip (files) or camera (pictures/videos) icons. 



-  Two copies of your Breed Standard – it is recommended that this be memorized before the workshop.

-  Drinking water, food, and bowl for your dog.

-  Lunch, drinks, and snacks for you.

-  Training lead - 6 foot or 2 meter with no snaps or “jewelry”.  Items will be available at the workshop if needed or you may purchase them online here.  

-  Flat link collar.  Items will be available at the workshop if needed or you may purchase them online here

-  Layered casual clothing for comfort.

-  Running shoes, no open toed or heels.

-  Pen and paper for notes!

-  A secure crate for rest when not working. All dogs must be crated during the workshop unless working with them for safety and to maximize their breaks.  

-  A cover for the crate (for barking and allow your dog to relax).

-  A comfortable show chair if you don’t like the one at the facility. There will be chairs at the facility, but they are often the metal fold up type that are not comfortable to sit it for an extended time.

-  All items you would normally bring to a show.  Grooming items are only required for the last 5 days of a 7-day workshop and MasterClass. This includes tools, table, dryer, etc. There will be grooming tools available for sale at the workshop, or you can purchase them here



There are absolutely no refunds or cancellations!  It is extremely expensive to run these workshops and just like a dog show there are no refunds. These workshops sellout extremely fast and many people have to make arrangements in advance, so it is difficult but not impossible to sell a spot as the date gets closer. You may sell your spot to a qualified and approved participant if you cannot attend. 



There are no prerequisites to attend the 2-day or 7-day workshops. However, if you plan to attend the last 5 days of a 7-day workshop you must first have completed either a 2-day or 7-day workshop.   You must attend a full 7-day workshop and be approved to sign up for the MasterClass.


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