Workshop Details

Day 1 All Breed Dog Training Workshop

This is where it starts! This workshop will help you get the most out of anything you want to do with your dog. From beginner to professional, learn how to earn true mutual respect with the most difficult of dogs. Agility, dock diving, obedience, rally, barn hunt, fieldwork, conformation or creating the ultimate companion starts here.

This workshop is designed to help us identify both obvious and subtle areas in your training and handling skills; together we will make them your strongest areas. Many will spend years and fortunes on entries, travel, and training without the desired results.

Traditional training techniques will not work on well bred, primitive instinctive show and performance dogs. Strong working lines are bred to perform a job, many times independent of humans. These are not simple companion dogs; we must be taught how to use their instincts to our advantage to become a working team.

Learn how to establish a bond, solve the simplest to the most complex problems and learn how to communicate with the most stubborn headstrong dogs. Eric can mentor you and together create a team with a willingness to work for you in all areas and at any level of experience.

Stop duplicating what you see others doing it does not work! The Testimonials tab on the website is filled with great accomplishments from beginners to Pro’s. Many have stated that prior to these workshops nobody could fix the problems they had with events with their dog. Watch the videos on the Official Eric Salas Training Channel on YouTube; 2MaNQ?view_as=subscriber

What you will learn!

  • Learn why the best dogs may be the hardest to train.
  • Learn how to develop a training program that works.
  • Eliminate pulling on the lead.
  • Eliminate crabbing and pacing.
  • Eliminate bait Surfing.
  • Eliminate lagging and or stopping.
  • Eliminate dogs backing away from judges.
  • Build confidence in you and your dog
  • Eliminating performance event burnout.
  • Fixing problems before they happen & not at an event or show.
  • Develop intense focus and desire.
  • Learn how to train and make it fun with any dog!



Day 2 All Breed Dog Training Workshop:

This workshop teaches you how to train your dogs to be presented perfectly so the judges can clearly see what they need to select your dogs.

Learn how to take handling to an entirely new level. Train like a pro, fine tune every aspect to compete against the best of the best.

This workshop will teach you how to master confidence in you and your dog. You will learn by day 2 what takes many other trainers’ years in the art of presenting dogs. You will see micro details of how to perfect your presentation skills.

With the use of ultra-high-speed photography and or video. It will be very clear what your body language is saying to your dog. If you are new or a pro, you will walk away with more tricks in your bag for making your dog look better by training in a way that they want to do what you want them to do without question. Your competition could never imagine that these training techniques were even possible. Your dogs evolve as you learn. This workshop will teach you to stay one step ahead, and rise above your competitions skill levels.

Learn how to present your dogs in a way that makes the Judges job easier to find your dog. Learn the skills to communicate and motivate your dog to show in the ring with that “it” factor. Build a solid working foundation in this workshop, regardless of your skill level. Learn how to consistently win at all shows and eliminate problems in and out of the ring.



What you will learn!

  • Master the five steps to winning at a dog show.
  • Learn how to take the most difficult dog and show it
  • Master the art of communicating with your dog.
  • Master Fine tune stacking and gaiting techniques.
  • Eliminate Dog Show burnout and develop a true show dog.
  • Learn how to use photography and video to fine tune.
  • Learn Stacking on headstrong dogs (Head Straight).
  • Fine-tune top lines, body core, reach and drive.
  • Eliminate “ring wise” Break the habit of dogs looking like robots
  • Eliminate nerves, confusion and truly enjoy showing
  • Learn how to develop a 5-week training program on training any dog
  • How to develop a lifelong relationship with Eric Salas as your mentor.
  • The art of presentation vs. standing in the ring with a dog
  • How to choose the best equipment and not waste money
  • Getting the most out of your dog
  • Training perfect stacks
  • Fine-tuning the gait



Note: Day 1 All Breed Training workshop is required for Day 2. There is no time to teach the very important skills learned from Day 1. Day 1 & 2 are required for day 3.

Even if you have taken a Day 1 All Breed Training Workshop from Eric Salas, we promise you will get more out of this class if you take another Day 1 class prior to this class.



Day 3 All Breed Dog Show Training Workshop.

This is where we put everything together on communication, motivation, presentation, conditioning, and grooming tips.
This workshop is for any dog! Ring procedures, what judges need to see, what is important to show your judge and how to show it. Day 1 and 2 makes you a team now let’s focus on how to win in the ring. Learn how much your energy can affect your dog in and out of the ring. Learn how to take advantage of using energy and every part of your body to communicate in a language your dog already knows. There are so many fine details that are breed specific that people are shocked to learn. This is where you will learn how to present your dog in the way your judge can visualize your dog doing the job it was bred to do.

Introduction to Grooming and conditioning:

If your dog has skin and hair learn what it takes to make it perfect! This workshop will teach new groomers how to groom so that people and judges will be drawn to that dog. Pet groomers will improve their grooming and, in most cases, increase their speed by 50%. Competition Groomers will learn techniques to improve speed and perfect any breed they choose. The judges can feel even the slightest difference; don’t leave your wins to chance. Learn how to make skin and any length of coat perfect and damage free. Many people work too hard to make their dogs look perfect with less than perfect results. Learn the details of what the judges need to see to do their jobs. Learn how to condition your dog’s coats, skin, and muscles to demonstrate your breed standard. Hairless breeds, short-coated breeds and all coated breeds can benefit from this by learning how to condition properly so the judge sees and feels the correct; condition, texture, color, and then feel your competitions coat.

Finding a mentor who will answer breed specific questions is only a workshop away! This workshop will take you to the next level. You will learn tips and tricks that will have you conditioning your dog like a pro. This workshop is for novice to pro, you will groom your dog faster, make your dog look better and find solutions for all your questions.

What you will learn!

  • Learn what the judge sees and what they need to see.
  • Learn how to train breed specific tasks for presenting your dog.
  • Fine tune hand stacking, free stacking in many positions.
  • Learn how to create a beautiful presentation after any pattern.
  • Perfect ring procedure reading what the judge needs, what speed for your breed, and how to make your dog stand out.
  • Tips and tricks to get your dog back after a distraction.
  • Conditioning skin and coat.
  • Learn how to identify, create, and develop perfect balance & structure on any breed.
  • Identify nutrition & supplements that can affect skin & coat.
  • Removing and eliminating stains.
  • Making whites whiter with NO DAMAGE to the coat.
  • Enhancing colors.
  • Reduce drying times.
  • How to maintain correct texture.
  • Fixing wavy, curly coats.
  • How to get that perfect finish look.
  • How to make your dog stand out.
  • Grooming to your standard.
  • Proper exercise and how to pinpoint specific areas.
  • Creating low maintenance coats so your dogs can be dogs!

Items Needed for Participants:

1.   Your Breed Standard.

2.   Drinking water and bowl.

3.   Training lead & collar (6 foot or 2-meter leather lead & flat link collar).

4.   Layered clothing for comfort.

5.   Running shoes, no open toed or heels.

6.   Lunch, drinks, snacks for you and your dog.

7.   ****Pen, paper for notes****.

8.   Secure solid crate for rest when not working. (No Dogs will

be allowed to be not crated during the workshop).

9.   Cover for crate for barking and allow your dog to relax.

10.     Comfortable show chair if you don’t like the one at the facility.

5-Day Symposium

This is the Dog Show Training workshop of all workshops. This workshop is for the Novice to the Pro! There are so many levels of training, many past students of the Eric Salas Workshops Symposiums have commented on how much this has opened their eyes and elevated their training programs. Groomers will benefit by learning Balance and Structure on all breeds and cut their grooming time in half. Performance people will learn how to bond more effectively, develop teamwork to a point where the communication flows! We will spend 5 days together making this the most complete workshop you will ever attend! Make this a vacation, there are limited spots, and this will sell out!!!

Please share this with ALL Dog People. #EricSalasWorkshops


 Day 1

1. Before Training Starts.

2. Preparation for Dog Shows.

3. Entering the ring / Head Straight.

4. Grooming.

5. Homework assignments.

Day 2

1. Discuss Homework assignment.

2. Setting up FitPaws Equipment.

3. Muscle Tone.

4. Breed Standards.

5. Stacking Dogs.

6. The Exam.

7. Grooming.


Day 3

1. Discuss Homework assignment.

2. Introduction Rules of Five

3. Training for winners Photos

4. Patterns

5. Grooming


Day 4

1. Review Patterns Video.

2. 5-week training program.

3. Ring Procedures.

4. Advanced Target Training.

5. Grooming.


Day 5

1. Review Homework assignments.

2. Expression.

3. Supplements/Nutrition.

4. Finale.

5. Stacking Ladder Details.

6. Discuss Homework Assignments.

Items Needed for Participants: 

1.   Your Breed Standard. 

2.   Drinking water and bowl.

3.   Training lead & collar (6 foot or 2-meter leather lead & flat link collar). 

4.   Layered clothing for comfort. 

5.   Running shoes, no open toed or heels. 

6.   Lunch, drinks, snacks for you and your dog.

7.   ****Pen, paper for notes****. 

8.   Secure solid crate for rest when not working. (No Dogs will 

be allowed to be not crated during the workshop). 

9.   Cover for crate for barking and allow your dog to relax. 

10.     Comfortable show chair if you don’t like the one at the facility.

11. Any grooming equipment you would normaly take to a show.



Don’t be late we will not wait for you.

Don’t waste your money by talking, pay attention.
Be courteous to others.
If you or your dog is disruptive you will be asked to leave with no refund.
Workshops will be filmed, all participants will be included no exceptions.
To reserve your spot it must be paid in full, no refunds spots are transferable if participant is qualified for the event.

Please note that the Items and Logistics on this list have been compiled to create a positive learning environment for all. These items are mandatory and if any disruption to others because of not following these items you will make me very sad because I must be fair to all, and you will be asked to leave with no refund.

Private/Semiprivate lessons

Private workshops are developed to focus on specific issues or help bring you up to speed prior to events. There are three options:
Option A.) Fly to Eric Salas.

Option B.) Eric will fly to you for sessions.
Option C.) Meet Eric at A show he is scheduled to be at.

Please go to the link listed to secure your spot


Go to the event then press the add to cart button. The
lessons at the dog shows are discounted tremendously for


There are no limitations to what may be included in these lessons. You can use multiple dogs, and work on handling or grooming. This is the perfect opportunity to fine-tune you and your dogs at your favorite show. Many Kennel Clubs may have Eric teach a FREE handling clinic at their shows. Ask the show Chairman if this option is available during this show.

Eric All Breed Workshop Sample Schedule

8:00am - 9:00am Registration and load in dogs
Please note that we start at 9:00am with or without you, if you are late, you will miss this class just like a show!

9:00am – 12:00pm Classroom work There will be one 15 min break in-between

12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm – 4:30pm Working with dogs

This is a rough itinerary workshops may end at 4:00pm or go as late as 5:00pm

Please treat these times like ring times at a dog show, if you are late, you are missing your ring!


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